Hello, 2016

Don’t you love the idea of a clean slate? I do. New years feel so shiny and clean and, well, new. I love new things. Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate the value of old things. Just ask my hubs who has gone on more than one trip with me to a flea market or antique mall! But there’s something refreshing about having something new, that nobody has used before, and has just been your own. No previous owners, no previous memories attached. Just yours, just asking to be cherished & the anticipation of making new memories.

At the end of 2015, I was given a prophetic word. Please don’t be freaked out by the word prophetic. It’s just a way of saying word of encouragement. A word that I’m supposed to focus on & find out what God is communicating with me. Actually, I have 3 words. Three that have totally pierced my heart.


Faithful. The song “Ever Be” (listen to it here) says, “Faithful You have been, Faithful You will be…” He has been faithful. He’s placed dreams in my heart, dreams and ideas and He is faithful to bring them about. He hasn’t changed. In a world that changes minute by minute, I find amazing comfort in knowing that He is the same. And He is worthy of my trust. This has certainly been a hard lesson for me to learn, and I’m still learning. One major area is our home. I am so ready to move and gain more storage space, homeschool space, and digging into hospitality. And, yet, God has really impressed upon my heart to be patient & thankful for the home we have and to not be obsessed with the perfect home, or a new home, or perfect parties. So, see? Still learning.


Brave. This has become a pretty common theme for me, personally, in a lot of ways. I am usually pretty easy going, pretty non-confrontational, and like the safety of my box. I think it’s why I like Hallmark movies so much. Totally predictable, warm, fuzzy, and a resolution neatly packaged with a sweet kiss and hugs all around at the end. There is comfort in predictability. Some people call them schedules, some routines. How many parenting books, articles, posts, have you read that always start out with the whole “security in routine” theme? SO MANY!!! Yet, there is blessing in the risk. And to take the risk, we need to be brave. And, I believe He’s calling me to be brave… Look at the next word…


Future. I am still praying about this one, and am excited to see how and what God says to me through this word. I received it in a picture frame from a sweet friend who had framed some art and word as a Christmas gift. It was a totally random gift, too. She wrapped all the pictures, then numbered them all, and had us all randomly draw numbers for our white elephant gift exchange, and to get our gift from her… She is a prayer warrior & had previously prayed all over these gifts, and I felt confident that it’s something God really wants me to “ponder in my heart.” And, I have been. Jeremiah 29:11 keeps going through my head whenever I see this word. I love knowing that He has a plan for me. I love plans! They fall right in line with my love of lists! Which is probably why He’s been speaking Brave all over me, too. But isn’t that awesome? How He speaks? He really does make me brave. I can be brave because I know He is faithful, because He has a plan for my future.

And, not just for me, friends. For you, too. As personal and as deeply as these words of encouragement mean to me, they are for you, too. I love that I am not alone in this. Be encouraged! He has a plan, you are in it, and it’s for your GOOD!!


(enjoy this image, from me to you. it’s my first printable!

just click on the picture, then right-click to save it to your computer & print it out & frame it, or whatever.

personal use only, please. the adorable graphics in these graphics & printable were

used courtesy of welivedhappilyeverafter.com)

Happy New Year! I think I’m going to like 2016!


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