Signs of Spring…


I love Spring! Fall may be my favorite, but Spring is a pretty close second. It’s about this time of year I get REALLY sick of my coats and sweaters, and start anticipating fewer layers. I love perusing the aisles of seed packets and the gardening sections at our favorite local gardening center & Menards. I am not actually the gardener of the family, but I am the garden planner of the family! HA! My hubs & daughter are the true gardeners, and my son is becoming quite the gardening assistant. Just like a new year, I guess I enjoy the hope spring brings. The signs of things laying dormant for a time springing back to life. Makes me start to smile & dream of summer vacation & pool days & free vitamin D!

But, with the awesome ideals of Spring comes the realities of Spring. Like, allergies. And sneezing. And sinus infections. And wind. (I like windy metaphors, but actual wind, if not on the beach, kinda gets on my nerves! HA!) All the blowing around of germs and allergens… Not my favorite part of Spring.

But, I have learned a thing or two to help support us during times of the year like this. I’m still learning and researching, but this is what we do right now to help support Springtime wellness.

  1. Royal Jelly – This stuff is pretty amazing! From energy boosting properties to allergies, this stuff is a powerhouse of support for our bodies! I originally started taking it for immunity support and for my “female issues.” I can tell a difference when I have run out & am without it for a week or two, so that will not happen if I can help it! This is my favorite write up about Royal Jelly. (Don’t freak out at the references to fertility if that’s not your primary focus! Royal Jelly goes way beyond that, and is great for both men & women. Also, I do not use or promote their specific supplements, but the information is a great place to start! I actually use this brand.)
  2. Essenial Oils – We love to keep Lemon, Lavendar and Peppermint around this time of year! Diffusing, taking internally when needed, and even topically, we use these deceptively simple oils to cope with our stuffy noses this time of year. Also, RC blend is a must for respiratory care! Read my Essential Oil page to learn more about the brand of oils we use.
  3. Epsom Salt Baths – My kiddos LOVE baths! And, I love that they’re getting the yuckies detoxed from their bodies with a little epsom salt in their bath. I am just learning about magnesium (which is really what Epsom salts are). Most of us are actually deficient in magnesium. (That is actually another post altogether, but I’ll spare you in this little blurb!) An Epsom salt bath is great for pulling out toxins and putting magnesium into our bodies. I strongly urge you to research magnesium! I usually add a little essential oil to the salts before I add them under running water.
  4. Raw, Local Honey – I have been so impressed with the medicinal power of honey! When I first start to feel a “twinge” like something is coming on, I take a teaspoon of raw local honey (sometimes with a drop of thieves essential oil) & it helps SO much! It is a major supporter of our immune systems! And, YUM.
  5. Being Sugar-Free – Ok. This is the hardest for us. Because we love sugar. But, sugar doesn’t love us. I have found that I just don’t seem to get sick as often if I have been faithful with my Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle which is sugar-free and low glycemic way of eating. Sugar feeds and inflames and puts kinks and holes in our immunity armor. When we stay away from sugar and over-processed foods, we give our body a better chance of staying healthy. (Warning, the above link is kinda science-geeky!)

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list. But I’m a believer in baby steps, and these are how I started dipping my toes into more healthy living. They’re not new or innovative remedies, but they are effective and have been proven time and time again to help support immunity, respiratory, and overall healthy bodies. I’m not alone in this, either. But, don’t take my word for it! Research is not just for medical professionals, and I’ve definitely discovered my inner science geek through this whole healthy living journey.

Also, we love our oils, and other home remedies, yet we are not above using medication when needed.

(I’ve linked a few articles up there, and, just so you know, they are NOT affiliate links. Just information I’ve found helpful! I’m obviously not a doctor, and we are certainly not above getting the help from a health professional. This information is not claiming to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease. Please seek the advice of a trusted healthcare professional.)

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