Trim Healthy Mama; Why I Eat This Way (and my family, too!)


A few years ago, now, my daughter was referred to an endocrinologist after her yearly checkup. We went, and I was amazed at what I heard. Because it was the beginning of my story. The doctor was laying out what would happen to my daughter if we didn’t take some action, and it was like she had kept tabs on me since I was a preteen. And, all the subsequent visits after that have gone so far into healing a part of my heart and let me shed some misplaced guilt I have put on myself. And, being completely honest, what others have spoken over me, too.

So, we started looking at healthy eating plans. Knowing that bread wasn’t doing our bodies any favors, we did cut back on bread, some. We weren’t making any drastic changes, still using way too many processed foods. And, I was feeling horrible. I was ready to do something drastic. So, I started looking into low carb recipes to try out on the family. Of course, I used pinterest! Pinterest is my new google! Ha! Every now and then I’d run across a Trim Healthy Mama or THM tag or mention. Finally, I clicked on a blog that had talked about it. I was really interested. Then I found the facebook groups & stalked them for around 6 months! Although, if you’ve stalked the THM facebook groups without reading the book first, it’s pretty much like they’re speaking a secret language.

I held off getting the book (the original plan book) for those same 6 months, but in January 2014, I bought it. There was SO.MUCH.RESEARCH. behind this plan. Isolating fuel types (separating carbs and fats) isn’t really a new idea, and neither is letting go of sugar and eating more whole foods. All are not new concepts. Implementing them together is pretty new, though. It was to me.

There are other bloggers who have done a much better job at giving an overview of the plan, so I’ll let that rest. I don’t want to confuse anyone! Ha! You can find great info here. (It’s actually my favorite, because she has an amazing Start Up Guide that is free & helped me feel not so overwhelmed with all of these new changes I was getting ready to be making.)

For me, weight loss has been slow. And, in all honesty, I’ve struggled with cutting ties with sugar. I have lost weight, and inches, though, and feel so much better! My daughter’s health has only improved. Isn’t youth awesome? Her issues have pretty much cleared up and THM has been an exceptional part of the process. A highlight was when we were through with one of her appointments and the nutritionist asked for me specifically, and said, “Good job, Mom!”


An “Atta girl” from a nutritionist is awesome! Even though my own weight hadn’t gone beyond 20lbs lost (at that time), my daughter’s was literally healing from the inside out.

We don’t implement the plan perfectly, but it is our basis for how we eat the majority of the time. I try not to sweat over imperfections, because all-or-nothing thinking is also something I’m working on. I think that’s why I was so drawn to the plan in the first place. In the past if I had cheated, I went into a downhill spiral thinking “Well, I’ve already ruined today, may as well…” and would proceed to ruin the rest of my day. With THM, people are quick to encourage you to start over in 3 hours! That is so freeing! So simple! And it took time for me to really believe it!

If you’re interested in THM, I can only say good things about it. It’s really helped our family, and has been very helpful to our family. We have learned so much because of THM & the encouragement to research. It has been a stepping stone on our journey to a healthy family.


  1. Abbey (daughter of Mandy) says:

    At first I HATED all the healthy food, now I love most of it!!! That doesn’t mean that I don’t crave “regular” food every now and then. Like chicken and dressing casserole oooh that sounds good right now…….

  2. Jerilyn says:

    Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted
    to say that I have really loved surfing around your blog posts.

    In any case I will be subscribing for your feed and I’m hoping you write
    again soon!

    • MandyC00 says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I am working at this blogging thing, and am working on posting consistently! 🙂

      So glad you’ve enjoyed your “visit!”

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