Essential Oils


Part of our health and wellness journey has led us to essential oils. Our family has chosen to use Young Living Essential Oils. I have found Young Living to be an honorable and responsible company. The Seed to Seal process is key to why Young Living is considered the best essential oils. They are advocates of doing our own research and to take responsibility for our health and what we use on our bodies and our home. It’s not the ONLY thing we do to live healthfully, but it has been an important step for our family. Total game changer. We have fallen in love with the oils. My kids immediately ask me for an oil when they’re hurting. It’s all a part of changing the culture of what we do to help support our bodies.

Ready to get started? It’s super easy!

  1. Just click here to get started! There is no pressure to sell anything, and the Wholesale Member option is the best value, getting a 24% discount on products. There are SO many kit options, but I recommend the Premium Starter Kit with home diffuser (or dew drop diffuser) to get you started with the oils. This kit comes with a pretty impressive variety of essential oils, and a choice of diffusers. If you aren’t quite ready for oils, but want to start detoxing your home from chemical cleaners, I recommend the Theives Kit.
  2. If someone has talked to you about YLEO before, please use their member numbers. I would love to have you join me, though! Be sure that the “Sponsor ID” and “Enroller ID” numbers are the same: 2428002
  3. Young Living has an OPTIONAL program for Wholesale Members who want to order on a consistent monthly basis. It’s called Essential Rewards, and it’s a great way to earn points for getting free oils and products! For more information on that, go here. Essential Rewards is completely optional, but a great way to earn free product if you plan on buying oils and/or YL products on a monthly basis, anyway. You can join at any time if you’re not ready at first. But it’s a great way to earn oils for free!

Just a few more notes:

*If you don’t want to use your social security number, you can contact the IRS for an EIN number. If you decide to turn your wholesale membership into an income earning business (which is totally doable with Young Living!), you will need to have a number connected to your account for tax purposes.

*My diffuser preference is the Home Diffuser. I just think it’s prettier, but I’m sure the Dew Drop is fine! It’s really a personal preference. What I discovered, though, was that I wanted more than one diffuser, but they are not cheap. Through the referral of a trusted blogger, I decided that for the kids’ rooms, we would use this one from Amazon. (**not an affiliate link**). It’s not as great as the Young Living one, but for the price, we can have 2 instead of one. It’s a workhorse!

*I am not a doctor, am not diagnosing anything, and am making no miracle cure claims. Oftentimes, with natural options, diligence is key, and there is no miracle cure, just persistence and wisdom with use. Also, healthy nutrition is the foundation of any health regimen. As with everything, there is a time for everything, and homemade remedies, essential oils, and supplements are great, but not the only answer. Medicine and natural remedies each have their place! Please talk with your physician about any natural remedies or regimens you may use. Seek out medical help for emergencies.

*All the information on this site is based on my own personal research, and is for informational purposes only.  I encourage you to research for yourself. You can do it!